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sold off a total of $8.5 billion in shares in recent days, new regulatory filings on Friday showed. The filings double the previously reported amount of the fire-sale, which Musk is presumably conducting in order to fund his $21 billion cash commitment in a deal to buy  for $44 billion. Though Musk is the richest man in the world, with an estimated net worth of $246 billion, most of his fortune is tied up in stock, and it had seemed clear he would have to sell off some assets to fund the Twitter takeover.  About half of Musk's selloff of Tesla shares was made on Tuesday.

Musk sold another $4.4 billion in the stock on Thursday, the new filings show. On Thursday night, after the first round of share sales became public, Musk tweeted: 'No further TSLA sales planned after today'. Tesla stock, which dropped 12 percent as he made his initial stock dump earlier this week, popped 6 percent in morning trading on Friday following Musk's vow not to sell the remainder of his stake.  To complete the Twitter takeover, which is due to close by October, Musk has committed $21 billion in cash, $13 billion from Morgan Stanley in traditional bank loans and another $12.5 billion from the bank and others in margin loans.

    (Image: [[|]])   Elon Musk sold off a total of more than $8.4 billion in Tesla shares in recent days, new regulatory filings on Friday showed
    (Image: [[|]])   Even after the sale, Musk still owns about 16 percent of Tesla, a stake worth $143 billion
    (Image: [[|]])   Tesla stock,  비트겟 which dropped 12 percent as he made his initial stock dump earlier this week,  [[|코인거래소]] rose on Friday following Musk's vow not to sell the remainder of his

br>/p> (Image: start) /p>It's unclear why Musk decided to liquidate part of his 17 percent stake in Tesla so far in advance of the deal's expected closing d br>/p>In total, sold about 9.6 million shares this week, according to the filings on Thursday and Friday, equating to 5.6 percent of his stake in the company.

Musk still owns about 16 percent of Tesla, a stake worth $143 bi br>/p>After taxes, Musk will make about $6.5 billion from his latest stock sale, and made about $3 billion in profit from another big sell-off late last year. That leaves roughly $10 billion in cash he will still need to meet his equity requirement for the Twitter br>/p>It is not clear how he will cover the remaining equity financing. Musk holds a 44 percent stake in unlisted rocket company SpaceX that is reportedly valued at $100 bi br>/p> RELATED ARTICLES

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Musk has been looking for partners to reduce his cash requirement for the Twitter deal, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters, adding that it is far from certain such a partner will e br>/p>This week's activity marks Musk's first Tesla stock sale since he offloaded $16.4 billion worth of shares in November and December, after polling Twitter users about selling 10 percent of his stake in the electric car br>/p>Musk owed about $11 billion in taxes in 2021 due to his exercise of stock options set to expire this year, in addition to taxes on profits he realized in the stock br>/p>On Friday morning, Musk issued another series of freewheeling tweets discussing politics and his plans for Twitter after he takes br>/p>'The far left hates everyone, themselves included!' he wrote, adding: 'But I'm no fan of the far right either.

Let's have less hate and more br>/p>In another, he wrote, 코인거래소 'The people of Twitter strongly agree that Twitter needs to be e<br>  (Image: start) > (Image: start) > (Image: start) >Speculation is also mounting that Musk could move Twitter's headquarters from San Francisco to Texas after the d cl<br>.Musk recently moved Tesla HQ to the Lone Star state, and his SpaceX has extensive operations at the Starbase launch site in S T<br>.Although Musk has made no mention of plans to relocate Twitter, 코인거래소 Texas Governor Greg Abbott extended an invitation to move the company there, and a rancher outside of Austin offered to donate 100 acres for a Twit<br>HQ.Twitter has about 7,000 employees, but few are believed to be working at the San Francisco headquarters after the current management told staff they could continue working remo for<br>. Meanwhile, Musk is said to have told lenders he'll slash executive pay at Twitter and monetize tweets to make the firm more profitable before buying it for bil<br>. Musk is said to have made the vow to banks before securing funding to buy the firm, with the deal anno d Mo<br>.  (Image: start) n“> (Image: start) A Texas rancher in the tiny community of Schwertner (above) offered to donate 100 acres to Elon Musk if he used it to build a new headquarters for Twitter side<br>tinCurrently, Twitter spends about $2.9 million in cash and stock awards to board members, according a fi<br>. But the firm's top executives receive far more annually, and could also find their pay in the f g li<br> Â Â CEO Parag Agrawal only took over in November, but is set to earn a cool $30 million in 2022, thanks largely to $29 million of stock options he was given as part of h romo<br>. Reuters reported that Musk already has Agrawal's replacement lined up, but did not say wh wil<br>. Agrawal, who took over from co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey, has a 'Change in Control' clause in his contract, The Hollywood Reporter said, citing Twitter's most recent y fi<br>. That would mean he receives a $38million payout i 's f<br>. And Vijaya Gadde, Twitter's chief legal officer is also likely to face a huge pay cut she<br>ys.She earned a salary of $600,000 last, year, as well as a whopping $17 million in stock options.

Musk has already taken Gadde - nicknamed the 'moral authority of Twitter' to task for censoring factual stories about Hunter Bide lapt<br> Â  (Image: start) Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal (left) and co-founder Jack Dorsey (right) also hold board seats.

Dorsey said prior to Musk's takeover that he intended to step down in May, and Agrawal is also expected to leave. Both will get massive pay days thanks to their shares: Agrawal with $39 million, and Dorsey w $928 <br>ion (Image: start) Elon Musk, 50, on Tuesday responded to a report about Twitter's lawyer Vijaya Gadde (left) crying at the news of his takeover.

Gadde, who earned $17 million last year, could be among the executives to leave when Musk's d is fi<br>zedHis total compensation for 2021 was $30.4 million, according to Twitter's proxy, largely tock <br>ds.Dorsey is in line to receive a $978 million payout after Musk bought the social media net he c<br>ed.He owns 18,042,428 shares in the firm - equivalent to 2.4 per cent of the company - which Musk will now buy for $54.20 each, netting him close to a bi n dol<br>. The current chair of the board, Bret Taylor, is in line to receive a cash payout just over $3 million when the deal s thr<br>. He could also face b oust<br> Â Musk made the pitch to the lenders as he tried to secure debt for the buyout days after submitting his offer to Twitter on April 14, the sources d Reu<br>.  (Image: start) n”> (Image: start) Chairman of the board, Bret Taylor, said of the deal: 'We believe it is the best path forward for stockholders'.

He added that the board had 'conducted a thoughtful and comprehensive process to assess 's pr<br>al'<div class=“art-ins mol-factbox news floatRHS” data-version=“2” id=“mol-e7cd9ec0-c77b-11ec-a9de-bf6db7620706” website Musk increases his selloff of Tesla shares to $8.5 BILLION

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