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Norman DeWitt’s “Epicurus And His Philosophy”

Promoting the Study of the Philosophy of Epicurus

Dewitt Book Cover

If you are a new student of Epicurus, Norman DeWitt’s “Epicurus and His Philosophy” is one of the first books you want to read.   The book does not appear to be currently in print, but copies can be found at various places across the internet, and reasonably priced copies can regularly be found at Ebay (tip – avoid the “new” reprints which are more expensive).  A preview at Google Books can be found by clicking here.

Read The First Chapter of “Epicurus And His Philosophy” For Free Here

DeWitt’s essay “Philosophy for the Millions” is available here at NewEpicurean, and it summarizes some of the key aspects of DeWitt’s perspective.  However the book is far more detailed, and it provides the best organized and most sympathetic presentation of Epicurean Philosophy you will find anywhere.

“Epicurus And His Philosophy” is one of the best antidotes you will to the dramatic misinterpretations that permeate most modern interpretations of Epicurus.  If you haven’t read it, you haven’t read a reliable presentation of Epicurean Philosophy by a modern scholar.

Dewitt book cover

Norman W. DeWitt

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